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5 reasons to choose Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Camera, security technology, gesture, powerful, compact

by Total Drivers
5 reasons to choose huawei mate 20 pro camera security technology gesture powerful compact 6

Please share with us 5 highlights of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro after a period of use. The most prominent is definitely about the camera. Following other things such as modern face security technology, fingerprint sensor under the screen and swipe operation replaces the basic Android buttons, powerful and finally its design and finishing Good experience for a big screen phone.


The Mate 20 Pro is almost like Huawei’s most technologically advanced phone as well as an Android phone. It demonstrates Huawei’s tremendous determination to overcome other brands to …….. top market share. Huawei has now surpassed Apple to take second place, behind Samsung and seems to want to overtake Samsung.

5 reasons to choose huawei mate 20 pro camera security technology gesture powerful compact 6

Reason # 1: Camera

I started noticing Huawei’s camera from P9 more than 2 years ago. At that time I was using the Leica M240p, so I wanted to experience Leica’s experience on a phone. Clearly, P9 has been able to show some part and make a difference from the rest of the camera phone, and since then Huawei has also developed many phones with good cameras.


The camera on the Mate 20 Pro, the camera app on the Mate 20 Pro all incorporates a combination that offers a wide range of options for shooting focus, resolution, but also a software system, effects , different features. This will be too complicated for an ordinary user, but if you want to experience the camera, want to play a lot, lots of features, effects … then surely there is no such thing. Even back in Nokia 808 Pureview or Lumia 1020, there were not many options, and the quality was.

At Mate 20 Pro I was most impressed by the color filters, which made the photos taken from the Mate 20 Pro more different and stronger. Especially in a time when every company is following a technical upgrade, HDR, AI … then Mate 20 Pro has the same color filter as to pull it closer to art rather than technology.

Smooth color filters are smooth color, monochrome. There are many color filters, color-related shooting modes that I feel like on other machines that are not as effective as other apps, so few users. While on the Mate 20 Pro, it is very effective, good-looking and emotional for viewers so I use it often. These color filters clearly show the results of cooperation between Leica and Huawei.

In terms of focus, the Mate 20 Pro has focal points: super wide (16mm), wide (27mm) and very narrow (80mm). In which the 27mm main camera has a resolution of 40Mp and the combination of the cameras for the image can zoom very well. And the 80mm camera offers very high efficiency when exploiting the Head & shoulder portrait.

In general, if you like camera phones, you like to play, like having fun with your phone photography, this time there is no smartphone for the same experience as Mate 20 Pro.

Reason # 2: security of face and fingerprint under the screen.

These are the two most advanced security methods and bring the best experience today. The face has proven to be the best solution today with ease of use and safety in technology. In fact, Huawei can fully reuse with face recognition on Mate 20 Pro. I used a lot and found it to be no different from those equipped with iPhones. Simple, easy, accurate, works anytime, anywhere.

However, Huawei also equipped with fingerprint recognition under the screen. Many brothers who don’t like Apple should not like FaceID and expect something of the future. Here, Huawei brings the future on this Mate 20 Pro. Practical experience helps me solve some difficulties when face recognition does not work like a machine on the table. It does not outperform face recognition, but it complements.

Fingerprints under the screen and face recognition make it the most safe, easiest, most modern and aesthetic experience. Abandoning the fingerprint recognition system that has existed for many years is great.

Reason # 3: Swipe instead of the three basic Android buttons

Huawei Mate 20 Pro runs the latest Android 9.0 and equipped with its own claw gesture system that brings the Android experience as well as a much more effective screen experience. Google by not equipped with delicious clawing system is almost full of this through phone makers. Not only Huawei but also Samsung as well as many other companies have made their own claws system to replace the 3 basic buttons of Android. However, if you calculate the genuine high-end machines sold at this time, there are still many things that are not available such as Note9, Xperia XZ2 or HTC U12 +.

I support the swiping instead of the 3 basic buttons of Android. It not only helps the screen experience more perfect, more seamless, but also helps the Android experience more modern and convenient.

Reason #4: strong hardware

SoC on Mate 20 Pro is produced on 7nm process, the number of transistors to 6.9 billion means the most advanced technology, competing on par with Apple’s A12 chip. These are the most powerful and technologically powerful SoCs in the smartphone world. I don’t play games so I don’t feel Kirin 980’s power directly, but I see visual solutions, handling filters or identifying scenery and giving out shooting solutions that definitely need to be a processor strong and smart enough to do it.

Reason #5: Compact

In monitors like iPhone XS Max, Samsung Note9, HTC U12 + or Sony Xperia XZ2, the Mate 20 Pro has the advantage of size when holding. It is due to the double-sided curved design on the bottom, it makes you feel neat when holding it in your hand. However, this design also makes people think this is a certain Samsung


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