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9 select wireless headphones completely (true-wireless)

by Total Drivers

Wireless headphones, also known as True-Wireless, are no longer strange to sound music lovers as more and more famous manufacturers have released their products. New products are continuously available at a reasonable price for us to gain access to this new technology.

Since the iPhone 7 removed the traditional 3.5mm audio port and then the subsequent Android has also gradually removed this legendary plug, this is the reason why Bluetooth Headsets sell better than ever, firms. Removing the 3.5mm port for users 1 Grace is accompanied by a jack to convert the Port into a 3.5mm audio port so that we can still use the 3.5mm headphone jacks that are still on the market, however This makes it more time-consuming and inconvenient and inconvenient.

Airpods is not the first True-Wireless headset in the world, but it is definitely the most talked about, best-selling True-Wireless in the world because of its universal, optimized for births. Thai Apple. The most mentioned is not the best, it is only best in a certain range or it is true that it is best when used with the Apple House’s furniture. What about other devices and other operating systems ??? 

We would like to summarize 09 samples of True-Wireless Headphones that consumers rated as worthwhile in each price segment.


9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 1

Now, with the amount of less than under $50 spent on buying True-Wireless headphones that have a little name, it is not easy, because most major sound companies have the price at least 150 $ so Selecting carriers from Hong Kong are options that are suitable for the quality and features it brings. And Hoco ES10 is one of those rare True-Wireless headphones that is trusted. Minimalistic, but glossy design has brought convenience but still “Cool”, the feeling of wearing the ear with rubber buttons is quite good soundproof. Hoco ES10 uses Bluetooth 4.2, and has the ability to independently connect each one, making it possible to turn into two independent running headphones that are an advantage of “Buy 1 get 2”. ES10 uses Dynamic 10mm diaphragm membrane for high quality sound quality, sound is quite dark and warm, the other two are just enough for the average demand for normal music. The battery life is about 4-5 hours of continuous listening, combined with the sac-cum-box box to increase the total listening time of up to 10 hours. Works well on both iOS and Android

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 2

In terms of features and technology, there is not much difference compared to Hoco ES10 above, but WK BD800 True-Wireless has a stronger design, more advanced materials, a technology-style style. The highlight of the WK BD800 is that it has a small hook attached to the headset so it will definitely wear more Fit, better grip than Hoco’s ES10, this is very important for you to listen to music when playing. sports, activities that feel more secure don’t fall out. Unfortunately, its battery life only stops at 3-4 hours of continuous listening, but in return it comes with a charger box for up to 18 hours. Perhaps the sound quality is what makes us consider the WK BD800 with Hoco ES10 because BD800 has a different sound quality compared to ES10. The BD800 has a more balanced sound, less bass and darker like ES10, Bass has a moderate force, no tail, but still shows a round shoulder for vibrant EDMs, a fairly light Treble and higher detail, Mid is the best-in-class solution at the BD800 which is neither sweet nor thorny, but if the BD800 is played, it is okay at this price range. Additional brand WK is processed and responsible for production by famous accessories company Remax.

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 3At this price has not reached the big names in the sound village, but Jabees will be the right choice for you. Jabees is also a brand new from Hong Kong, but it is more concerned about technology and features than the two neighbors. The headset Jabees Beez True Wireless designed nothing impressive, even though I was a bit bad but in return the texture was very good. The cheap Jabees Beez features Bluetooth 5.0, and is IPX4 waterproof, yet it has a 10-minute fast charging technology for 2 hours. However, its total battery life is only 3-4 hours, and comes with a battery charger for up to 12 hours. Regarding the sound quality, Jabees Beez sounded very progressive, always feeling like playing very close to the listener. And in that sound, the most prominent is the bass. The bass band has slightly subdued the singer’s voice, but is still acceptable. And Treble is not the advantage of Beez, having a fast tempo is somewhat tangled, pulling it back a bit, the Mid is thick enough, but it does not highlight the singer in some tracks. 

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 4Probably not a lot of writing but still must have for those who have never known, Airpods really like a leader of the trend, launched before but until now, not every company can make enough headphones smart and effective as divine Airpods. For individuals I don’t want to say the design is rough, even bad … But very smart, I have to say that I have not used any True Wireless yet easy, simple and effective like this Airpods, the only thing users do that is the cap of the wearable box and vice versa, connecting and disconnecting it to worry because there is a synchronous W1 chip consistent with Apple devices running iOS 10 and above, besides it also has a shop sensor It helps it identify when we are wearing it, when to put it on the table, when to put it in the box, it will have a mode to pause the music according to that animation. Control operation is completely touch and we can easily Set-up the touch task for it via Setting on Smartphone, except that it does not have the function of increasing or decreasing the volume on the headset. Battery life is almost like I don’t care because it’s very buffalo, but every time I don’t listen, put it in the charger box very quickly. If you need a soundproof headset, Airpods are very bad, if you have ever worn an iphone headset, then understand it. The sound quality of Airpods is no different from the Earpod version plugging the cord attached to the machine, there is no highlight, every 1 inch, listening to the reformer is also good, watching movies is also good and listening to music is also done. In other words, it carries a high quality sound that everyone hears on average compared to this price range.

But anyway, with its usability being more than sound, it is still a hard product to ignore for multi-purpose purposes. Especially when you own Apple stuff.

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 5

Perhaps the JBL Free is the True-Wireless headset that has a “cheap” price compared to its peers. Referring to JBL is definitely not the medium in the world sound village. The JBL Free is geared towards sports users more than work, with the IPX5 waterproof standard definitely giving us a sense of peace of mind with sweats or sudden rains. The bold US design makes the JBL free look more like a stone pot than products of the same money. Soundproofing JBL Free headphones are good although it doesn’t have noise-canceling technology like Sony WF-1000x. About Battery life, JBL Free buffers Apple Airpod. JBL is free to use physical buttons, not touch, although the operation is simple and quite intuitive. The point I don’t like about the JBL Free is that its extra-charged cum-box is pretty big, but that’s why it has a rechargeable battery capacity of up to 24 hours of music.

About the ability to play music, JBL Free for high-resolution sound and sound bands are distributed in a way that emphasizes bass, mid and treble deeper. This bluetooth JBL FREE headset has a lively soundstage, very good listening, clear separation, depth but not in position.

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6. Samsung headphones ICONX GEAR (2018) (TRUE-WIRELESS)


9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 6If you are using Samsung phones, this is a smart choice, just like Airpods was born to pair with iPhone, Gear iConX and Samsung is a couple of couples, “boys on girls” are hard to separate. The power lies in the bundled software only available on the Android app market that iOS does not have. It is more customizable than Airpods, and Samsung Gear iConX has a unique feature that no True-Wireless has to follow, it has built-in 4Gb internal memory for each party, helping Samsung Gear iConX listens to music independently like a removable music player without having to connect or depend on any external device, in addition to simply placing the headset in the charger box plugged into the PC and copying the music offline it is done. Another feature that is also interesting and quite useful for you to practice is “S Health” which syncs with your practice tracking software. Control operation is completely touch and touch with full of post, music stop, volume up and down functions. Another unique feature of Samsung Gear iConX is the built-in “Ambient” mode for users to listen to music while watching around, which is quite interesting. iConX 2018 is compatible with Bixby voice assistant that supports Samsung devices like Galaxy S8, S9, note 8, note 9

2018 Gear iConX equipped with sensors for us to pick out the ear will automatically turn off quite smart, and with a dozen of such battery-consuming technologies, the Gear iConX 2018 still retains itself at the 5h battery level is a subtle thing. Finally, the sound quality, we encountered the same situation as Apple’s Airpod, it didn’t have much to say about sound quality, not excellent but not bad, in contrast to Airpods, the Gear iConX 2018 was soundproofed. Extremely good due to Housing design as well as special rubber earplugs that make Gear iConX 2018’s music listening more focused, the quality of Gear iConX 2018 is bright, mid to clear, Bass back than Airpods, not warm but hit with inner strength and neatness.

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 7

Referring to Sony, we will immediately remember this Walkman, Hi-Res, or Extra-Bass product lines that have left a deep impression on fans. Whether when encroaching on Sony’s True-Wireless tendency to make things ??? I should have talked about the Sony WF-1000x, but I will give it to the next one who is Sony WF-SP700N because it is probably the card Sony has released to replace the old WF-1000x. The Sony WF-SP700N True-Wireless headset can be said to be a lightweight upgrade, but it is necessary to keep up with Sony’s trend. It is more than the WF-1000x in water and sweat resistance, adding the Ambient Sound feature (like the one Samsung Gear iConX2018) and Upgrade use the optimal ability for virtual assistant Google Assistant to help users request headphones to play music, read messages sent to or make phone calls. I personally find the SP700N not as beautiful as the WF-1000x, which has a “less” feel, but maybe because it’s dedicated to sports, it’s impossible to follow the predecessor’s Design. The Sony SP700N on-ear operations are easy and simple. Its quality Mic is quite good when listening to calls in high noise environments.

The WF-SP700N has an impressive sound performance in the price range. The sound quality is balanced with a bit of bass, making the music more robust. The mid range is light and clear with the treble band up to a level that makes the listener feel but is listening through the headphone cord, not the wireless ear.

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9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 8Referring to the Blueooth Headset certainly can’t help mentioning Plantronics (USA) or Jabra (Denmark), which are two big brands, their products always bring high value to users to persuade users with the durability of their products. Very good quality products in products for the purpose of listening, call, talk, call center, it is not rare for you to watch Hollywood Intelligence or spy movies as well as hackers wearing headphones coming from these 2 brands. Unfortunately, at present, Plantronics has not released any True-Wireless model, or they are trying to make a product for life. And Jabra has ELITE 65T, in terms of technology, JABRA ELITE 65T is not so outstanding, but they are like Apple did then to do it and do it well.

Jabra Elite 65t uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connection with a distance of up to 10m. It has the same sensor as the Airpods, but the physical button is probably a point I don’t like at Jabra 65t. With anti-noise technology like Sony, Battery life cannot be judged when reaching 5 hours of continuous listening. Built-in fast charging 15 minutes of charging for 90 minutes.

The connection stability is always the strength of Jabra and ELITE 65T is no exception. Jabra ELITE 65T features up to 4 Microphones on the headset to give it excellent and clear call quality.

Jabra takes care of users with Sound + application, you can also adjust EQ and especially play music, stop music when you remove headphones from your ear.

The sound quality that Jabra often uses for his headphones pair is slightly dark, the top-down balance makes it easier for users to mix music, which is also the trend of most major sound companies.

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9. Bose SoundSport Free True-Wireless (TRUE-WIRELESS)


9 select wireless headphones completely true wireless for 2019 9The final character of this synthesizer is Bose SoundSport Free True-Wireless. Yes 1 very long name from the US, you do not misunderstand the last character is “Boss End”, just because the author wrote in order of price only. There are actually a few True-Wireless headsets that are more expensive than this Bose, but today I’m limited to just under 5 Million, but I also tell you that there are now wireless headphones available. absolutely the price is up to 20 million VND already.

The tradition of Bose, they always aim to be simple but very sophisticated and quality must be on top. With Bose SoundSport Free True-Wireless, there is not much to say although its price should have many things to be described or listed but on the contrary almost nothing, no sensor, no touch, No noise, No fast charging, nor smart. The only strong point and also the highest damage weapon for Bose’s competitors in the current market is SOUND. Sound quality is the only thing that exists of Bose SoundSport Free True-Wireless, others don’t or don’t matter.

In order to describe Bose’s sound, it may be long to compliment, in short, it is the True Wireless that I feel is the best music player in the price segment of 4-7 million at this time, none of them have ever surpassed Bose in terms of sound quality and music. Bose SoundSport Free True-Wireless plays well in most music genres as well as the need to play games and watch movies. If you only care about the quality of music that other things are not necessary, Bose will be a right choice.

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