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Instructions to install Windows 10 from your hard drive help you install a completely new copyrighted Windows 10 for free. How to install this has the following characteristics:

Saturday, 02 May 2020 17:32

Learn about virtual machines

Virtual machines allow you to run different operating systems along with the current operating system. These operating systems will act as programs on the computer.

Resource Monitor is a useful integrated tool in Windows, allowing you to track CPU, memory, disk and network usage simply. It provides more information than Task Manager. In this tutorial, we'll show you quick ways to open Resource Monitor in Windows 10.

If you accidentally forget your login account password on Windows 10 and you can't log in with any other account, in this case, you can reset your login password to gain access to your Windows 10 computer. mine.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 14:27

9 factors to consider when buying a laptop

A laptop - a laptop is a means to work efficiently. So which are the most important factors for choosing a laptop? The following article gives 9 factors that users should consult before deciding to buy a laptop.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 13:50

How to completely delete data on the computer?

Completely erasing data on a computer is necessary, especially before selling it or permanently deleting sensitive data, not wanting to store it anymore. How to delete data that cannot be recovered? Please refer to this article.

Hibernate mode, also known as hibernation, is a useful feature on the Windows operating system. Windows users use this mode in the case when they are not using the laptop for a long time and do not want to close documents.

To view hidden files, showing file extensions or hiding system files on Windows is quite simple. Readers can view instructions for hiding hidden files, see file extensions in this article.

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