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If you accidentally forget your login account password on Windows 10 and you can't log in with any other account, in this case, you can reset your login password to gain access to your Windows 10 computer. mine.

To view hidden files, showing file extensions or hiding system files on Windows is quite simple. Readers can view instructions for hiding hidden files, see file extensions in this article.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 14:43

Resize icons in Windows 10

Sometimes you want your desktop icons to show bigger or to have bigger image files for easier viewing ... So with a few simple steps below in Windows 10 You can change the display size of icons, files, text ... on your computer as needed.

Virtual assistant Cortana is one of the new features built into Windows 10 and is displayed right on the Taskbar. Just speak into the device's microphone, ask a question or issue a control, Cortana will answer the question or follow your voice command.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 11:19

Use and configure Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana has many other features besides simple search. It is said to be a versatile personal assistant like Siri on Apple's iOS device. Here are the basics of installing Cortana and using it for new Windows 10 computers.

Windows Hello is a convenient and useful new feature built into Microsoft Windows 10 with user recognition, security support, and faster login when using the operating system.

Find My Device is one of the new features built into Windows 10 in the first major update of 1511. The Find My Device feature can help you determine the current or final location of a Windows computer Your 10 lost.

Minecraft, the game is in the open world category. Where you can create your constructions using square blocks in a 3D world. You will have in-game activities including: search, gather resources, craft and fight.

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