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How to Backup & restore your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100

by Total Drivers

Read this guide carefully and make the final decision to create the backup of your KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100.

Even if your mobile or Android smartphone has never given you any issues, that doesn’t mean it can’t break at any moment! But it’s important to secure the data of your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 forecasting the worst situation.

Don’t worry, just make a backup of your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 by following some simple and quick procedures.

What is a backup

Before starting to make BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 backup you need to understand what it is.

A backup consists in making a safe copy of the files and folders saved in your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100.

Why Do You Need a Backup?

The reasons range from having a copy to restore following a possible malfunction of the device to the more common replacement with a new device.

Usually, the backup files are stored on a medium other than the device itself. The reason is, if there is a problem with hardware or software, any data in that device will be inaccessible. But we will still have access to the backup copy saved in a safe place.

The media on which to store backups can be external hard drives, pen drives, and cloud systems such as Google Drive, etc.

In the case of your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 with the android operating system, the files that are present in the backup are the downloaded applications, settings, address book, photos, videos, and everything saved on your device.

Backup BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 via Google account

For several years now, Android has integrated the possibility of backup the most important data, via a Google account.

The configuration of this method occurs when the first time the phone is started. Once you have connected your Google account to your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100, you will be asked whether to backup to the cloud (and recover a previous one, if it exists).

You can check if the backup on Google account is active on your BlackBerry KEY2 BBF100-4 bbf100 by opening the settings, going to the “Accounts” and then selecting the options relating to your Google account.

Here are the data which gets stored into Google Drive:

  • Calendar
  • Chrome (open tabs, favorites …)
  • Contacts
  • App data
  • Google Fit data
  • Documents (Google Docs)
  • Drive
  • Sheets (Google Sheets)
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google+
  • Inbox
  • Keep
  • Offline maps
  • Presentations (Google Presentations)

To have the backup of certain data, such as those of Google Fit and the various types of documents, you must have installed the related apps on which you must also log in. It is also very important to specify that the “App data” settings will save the installed apps (which can be restored when a new phone is configured), but the data brought to the cloud depends on the developer of the app itself.

For example, WhatsApp has its internal backup method which excludes the possibility of doing it via a Google account.

You will also notice that the photos are missing from the list. To get the photos backed up to your Google account, you need to download and go to Google Photos App. Just download and perform the initial configuration to activate the automatic uploading of all the photos already present on the device and those that will take in the future.

In this regard, you have two configuration options: a free one that will upload photos at reduced resolution (max 16-megapixel photos, max 1080p video), more than enough for viewing on smartphones, or Google one at full resolution that will consume your space. on Drive.

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Disclaimer: TweakDroid team or the author of this guide is not responsible for any failure during the process. If you wish to go forward, please do it your own risk. As a precaution, read this entire file at least once before you start!


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