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To ensure the maintenance of the throne if one day Android fades, Google has assembled a team of developers for the new operating system project, Fuchsia OS.

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After contributing to the disappearance of some mobile operating systems like Symbian and BlackBerry, Google still wants to ensure that if one day Android is no longer on the throne, it will have a successor, a system. New onions are available. For this reason, they created a team of more than 100 programmers to help design a new operating system called Fuchsia, an open source platform other than Android.

According to information from Android Police site, yesterday, Google released a web site for programmers named, the launch of the website for developers will help Google communicate for Fuchsia and authorize Developers can learn more about this operating system.

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It is known that Fuchsia will not use the Linux kernel like the Android operating system or Google Chrome. Instead, it uses the Zicorn kernel; A small kernel is enough to run an operating system. So, you can expect that this operating system will be very different from Android, but if so, where will Android apps go? Don't worry about this, the multi-Flutter SDK will allow developers to transfer their applications to Fuchsia in the most convenient way.

Last November, the Fuchsia operating system was supported on Huawei's Kirin 970 chipset and the operating system successfully ran on Honor Play. It sounds great, but they still have a lot of work to do because to replace an operating system with 85% of mobile devices in the world is not a simple task.

Go back a bit to 2017 to get a better understanding of this operating system, there was once a video introducing a first-run phone from Fuchsia, which uses the user interface called Armadillo. This user interface allows vertical scrolling to display open applications. There are user avatars on the interface to access "quick settings" and other options.

Although there's not much to say yet, but Fuchsia's development will continue, let's wait and see what Google will do with this next child.

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