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Skype is the most popular PC chat software available today, with features such as messaging, video calling, photo sharing, text, video, URL ... Skype is not just for sharing. The story of life in life, but also suitable for the exchange of work, group meetings, local companies or remote ...

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Until now, Skype is the number one chat software in the market in Vietnam and many countries around the world, supporting multiple platforms, including the latest version of the operating system on the PC. and mobility and extremely rich features. Skype is also considered to have good security with personal conversations and group chat.

Beyond the functionality of a simple chat software, Skype is now a powerful tool for personal and business use, with features such as chatting, messaging, voice calls, video calling. , share screenshots, create online meetings, share data online quickly and securely. With Skype you can connect your friends anytime, anywhere and do a lot of remote work very smoothly. 

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Compared with many chat software was born at the same time, Skype is quite pleasing users thanks to continuous innovation and improvement of features support chat for personal or business tasks, consistent with the coin. and market demand. Skype not only helps you connect with friends through your Skype account but also allows you to make calls to any subscriber number with a clear sound quality.

Skype is considered one of the best chat applications today with all the features that a chat software needs but have messaging, voice calling, video calling, data sending, group chat, online meeting Since launching so far, Skype has continually innovated the version, with the addition of new exciting features, and the number of users from around the world has also rapidly increased. Powerful appeal comes from Skype.

It can be said that Skype captured the hearts of users thanks to the features in many areas, from simple features such as messaging, calling, private chat to the organization of online conferences. , the ability to apply peer-to-peer technology, ignoring firewall blocking issues, advanced encryption algorithms to protect the data that is always safe.

Skype is also considered a competitor to open-source VoIP protocols because wires are chat software that operates in peer-to-peer networks that can be easily extended without the need for infrastructure. expensive or complex. Skype is designed to be closed source, and according to the developer, in the future it is not intended to be open source software.

Skype's security is also highly evident in features such as secure file transfer, blocking of virus attacks, making calls in an environment that uses encryption techniques. As a matter of fact, skype can readily accept thousands of connections, the ability to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and replay attacks, and so on.

Skype has quite a bit of media traffic and has become one of the largest downloads in the world, according to actual statistics. Skype traffic is always in the form of charts. Currently, Skype has also provided SkypeNOW! For customers using Vodafone network in South Africa to make international Skype wireless calls.

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Skype also integrates the SkypeOut service, which supports Skype users to call traditional phone numbers at low rates, or SkypeIn service that allows you to receive PC calls from regular dial-up numbers. Skype phone. Of course, Skype is not immune to criticism from experts and the user community, which is unavoidable.

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In addition to the personal chat feature, Skype also allows the creation of unlimited group chat members, can send messages, send pictures and data for multiple people receive at the same time. Skype's emotion system is rich, including animations and videos, for you to integrate into the messages that are lively and more intimate for conversations. Users can sign in to Skype via Microsoft, Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail.

Compared to VoIP applications such as Skype, Skype makes calls with stable connections, but the quality of video calling and Skype's callers are more than appreciated using video and voice transmission. speak standard HD. Overall, if you do a comprehensive comparison, the features of Skype are richer, more responsive to the needs of the user, and the viber is more about simplicity and usability.

Skype is supported on most platforms, both on-premise and on the Web. Skype also changes the features accordingly to use on both PC and mobile operating systems. Skype for Windows Phone 8, for example, adds a new screen for favorite contacts, group chat, and Skype Credit support for calling friends abroad.


In addition to the application of international contacts, the chat software such as Vietnamese zalo is also a lot of people love and favor certain, but almost exclusively focus on young users because it is active. Social networking to share photos or write status, while skype is targeted to many users thanks to its diverse features.

In terms of advertising support, Skype is the type of advertising through OTT application is appreciated because the skype is the most popular in the office, this is a promising channel of advertising potential of diverse users, The large user base and interoperability used in quite a long time, not bad Facebook social networking. Skype has a great influence on the society and is a fertile ground for business units to introduce their products and services to build a lasting long-term relationship between brands. with the user.

It can be said, after the age of Yahoo Messenger god, Skype almost occupies an irreplaceable place in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. Starting Skype with your computer is becoming a habit for many people, especially those who are working. As for the view of the office workers, Skype is a professional chat tool for work, not for entertainment or chat.

The good news is that since the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft has invested a lot in technology for its new baby such as call quality, how to sync across multiple devices, push information quickly ... Interface, according to many people, Skype still has many confusing points, making it difficult for users, Microsoft should invest more and renew more appropriate.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has also integrated Skype with a clean and simple interface, designed for Skype on Windows 10 with the same iMessage and many other messaging applications today. Windows 10 users can instant message new Skype conversations like Apple's OS X Text Messaging application with friends lists and representative pictures that are displayed beautifully, the content will be synchronized. On PCs, tablets, and phones running Windows 10.

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Skype is now considered a versatile, multi-platform communications application that allows users to use as a chat solution - online chat and group work (for offices, offices). Using Skype you will enjoy a messaging and call software with good security mode, stable operation, flexible customization based on user needs.

If you are using Skype on Windows 10, you can chat with friends freely freely on the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows .... The sound quality of the calls is excellent, loud and clear, which is good for organizing online meetings. Microsoft is also trying to make Skype more adaptable to its operating system, creating the same use of Skype on devices.

Skype has also added end-to-end encryption as a significant new year gift to Skype users. This feature ensures that no one, including the data server, decrypts your chat data. Terminal encryption applies to voice, text, multimedia messages such as video or audio files. However, this feature is not set by default, but the user has to click on the 'New Private Conversation' option from the application's "compose" menu.

Microsoft knows its strength is that it owns chat software has in hand a considerable number of users and the throne of this software is rare. How to maintain as well as innovate Skype so that the number of users increasing is dependent on the creativity of Microsoft.

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