Psiphon 3.155

What is Psiphon?
Psiphon is a tool from the developer Psiphon Inc. that uses VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technologies so you can access all Internet content uncensored. As you browse, the client learns about new access points so you can bypass blocking easily.

==>>DownloadPsiphon 3.155

Free software
– Version: 3.155
Update date: 09/10/2020

– Platforms: Windows, Android, iPhone


** Download and use Psiphon

==>>Download: Psiphon 3.155

It’s easy to download Psiphon for PC and run on your device. You will receive a security prompt. After you choose to run the client program, it will automatically start connecting. The user has the option to choose his or her preferred tunnel mode.

When the connection icon stops recording and a green icon appears, it means your connection is established. If you are in SSH and SSH + modes, the program will automatically install a Windows system proxy that all major web browsers must adhere to.

There is also a split tunnel option in which international traffic passes through the proxy, while domestic traffic does not. You will have to choose the option that says “do not let inbound sites go through the proxy”. When you do that, Psiphon will report every domain that cannot go through the proxy in the message box.


Connect to the server

The interface shows your connection status, but does not highlight new IP address. You can choose a server from over 20 different regions including UK, USA, Spain, Switzerland, India and Canada. Then a new browser window will appear to show you the new IP.

Bạn có thể chọn một máy chủ từ hơn 20 khu vực khác nhau

You can choose a server from more than 20 different regions

The speed will vary depending on your connection, and you may want to experiment with several options to find the best one. Psiphon is fast enough for you to seamlessly browse the web and access content. You can watch the video, but don’t expect streaming at 1080p or higher.


Features of Psiphon


– Freedom to browse the web

The internet was founded on the basis of free access to information. Today, many people have restricted access to the web for one reason or another. Many times, this is due to restrictions by business owners or authorities. With Psiphon for Windows, you can get unrestricted access to content you want, bypass censorship, whether it’s from your country, company or on campus.

– Open source

An admirable thing about this software is that it’s open source, which means the native code is freely available to be distributed and modified. This helps to increase transparency, a rarity in the VPN industry. Psiphon is also regularly updated.

– Privacy and security

All data passing through Psiphon is encrypted, but the software is not designed to be anti-surveillance. Your Internet service provider will not be able to view your Internet traffic content, such as web pages you browse, instant messages or uploads.

Psiphon does not prevent your browsing history and cookies from being stored on your computer, and depending on the mode you’re using, not all traffic goes through the tunnel. Since the service is free, they sell some of your data to third parties to serve ads within the client.

– Some issues

Since Psiphon modifies a computer’s proxy settings when the computer connects, it returns them to their original state upon disconnection. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t restore them properly, which will cause an Internet connection problem with your device later on. Users will have to manually edit their proxy settings.

It’s important to note that while downloading Psiphon is completely free, in many countries it’s illegal. Fortunately, developers have included features for concealing users’ presence and hiding their identities. This should work in theory, but is not entirely guaranteed.

Nhật ký do Psiphon ghi lại

Diary recorded by Psiphon

Alternative solution

Download Psiphon Pro, the ad-supported version of the software, for registration and network support. This will provide further optimized program usage

The main purpose of this software is to bypass censorship. It doesn’t boast privacy or anti-surveillance capabilities. If you prefer a service that offers more anonymity while surfing the web, you should try downloading the free Tor or Surf Anonymous Free program. These apps will hide your IP address and ensure privacy. There are also premium paid VPNs like NordVPN, which might better suit your needs.


Internet without borders


This free program includes the basics you need to get around annoying digital censorship. Psiphon is not for security-conscious users who desire 100% anonymity. There are other paid VPN services that can offer more for privacy.

The latest version doesn’t require any registration and offers more protocol options than just a VPN. Stay connected to a global network with thousands of servers and diverse entries.


* Advantages
Easy to download
No email address required to use
Open source to increase transparency


* Disadvantages
Not a security tool
A reliable Internet connection must be used

==>>Download: Psiphon 3.155

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