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Use and configure Cortana on Windows 10 Featured

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Cortana has many other features besides simple search. It is said to be a versatile personal assistant like Siri on Apple's iOS device. Here are the basics of installing Cortana and using it for new Windows 10 computers.

To use Cortana properly, you need to enable some privacy settings, especially privacy in "Speech, Inking, & Typing".

Khởi động Cortana

Furthermore, Cortana requires location of your location if you turn this feature off.

Cortana định vị

When Windows "learns you" and geolocation is activated, you can start using Cortana, remember, from this point you have sent Microsoft some amount of personal data and then it will be saved. cloud storage. If you do not share personal data such as events, contacts, voice samples, and typing history, Cortana cannot identify you.

Things Cortana can do

Cortana is a great helper who can send football results, weather, news as well as geolocation, installation reminders, etc.

To wake Cortana click on the search feature on the taskbar.

Cortana trên thanh tìm kiếm

You can also adjust the search bar when right-clicking the taskbar and selecting the type you want.

Cài đặt tìm kiếm Cortana

We will use the torus search box throughout the article. It is important to note that if you activate and hide Cortana, it will still work and you can use it whenever you want.

When you click on the search box, Cortana will appear. It displays pertinent information based on your interests.

Thông báo từ Cortana

You can just ask it about the truth and ask it to perform the task.

If you click the Notebook icon along the left, you can configure Cortana, specifically the information it will provide.

Tùy chỉnh Cortana

You can change the name Cortana using call you or how to pronounce it. Also you can edit your favorite places like home, work, other favorite places.

Thay đổi tên gọi của bạn trong Cortana

Cortana will probably remind you a little bit about Google Now because the information it displays is broken down into small tabs. Cards are divided into 12 categories.

Các loại tip trong Cortana

If you don't want to see Cortana's tips, just turn off the tip tags.

Tắt hiển thị thẻ tip trong Cortana

In addition to simply turning on and off, several tip tags can be configured. For example, the Eat & Drink tab allows you to get recommendations from Foursquare and add dining space, ...

Thẻ tip Ăn uống trong Cortana

Cortana allows adding reminders to manage time and place selection and people.

Cài đặt nhắc nhở trong Cortana

Finally, you can provide feedback such as ideas, likes and dislikes to Microsoft with screenshots if desired.

Gửi phản hồi tới Microsoft

Take your time, browse through all these items, especially Notebooks. As you can see, Cortana is highly configurable, but there are obviously a few things that can't be used or need to see. For example: you don't have any use of financial information, or maybe you don't travel much.

Also, there are other important settings you can configure, which we will talk about in the next section.

Install Cortana

Cortana's general settings are configured from the Notebook tab. The first item you see is simply on or off. This will not affect the privacy settings you've enabled so, if you don't want to use Cortana anymore, you can turn off Speech, Inking & Typing and Location.

Tắt tính năng hỗ trợ của Cortana

Cortana can also be activated by your voice. When you say "Hey Cortana", it will respond and wait for the next command from you. You can further configure to best suit anyone or just you but to do that, Cortana first needs to learn your voice.Tính năng chào hỏi từ Cortana

As mentioned above, Cortana has the same function and function as Google Now. To end using this feature, the tracking information detection configuration needs to be configured.

Xóa thông báo trên thiết bị

Finally, at the bottom of the settings are also options to manage settings and settings for Bing SafeSearch and other security settings.

Be careful with your privacy because Microsoft requires you to submit a lot of personal information so that Cortana can work as intended. If you do not want to use Cortan then we recommend that you not only disable it but also disable all the above security settings.

Cortana is likely to be a paradigm shift for the Windows operating system. It allows Microsoft to compete with Siri and Ok Google and may change the way users interact with their computers.

However, it will take some time for Windows users to adapt to Cortana. Time will only prove one thing that Cortana really fills the gap between touch and mouse, but the way we see it will be good on its way.

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