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Control computer fan speed

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Your computer is making quite a loud noise, probably because its fans are reaching the highest speed, though they are not needed. Here are a few ways to distribute computer fan speeds, cooling or interrupting as needed.

Computer fans usually do not have controls installed, so they always work at high speed at all times. This makes the computer cooler but can make annoying noises especially when they are not needed. There are many ways to control the cooling fan at no cost. Here's how to set them up.

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Install the tuning software

Cài đặt SpeedFan

The best way to coordinate cooling fans is to use SpeedFan (or smcFanControl for Mac). SpeedFan gives us the most control over our fans, allowing us to choose their running speed from time to time. Even monitor the computer temperature and adjust the fan accordingly. In addition, you can also manually configure the desired SpeedFan speed according to the computer temperature, from which the fan will change default operation. Reset regularly, as motherboard temperature values ​​are not always accurate based on temperature.

The only downside of SpeedFan is that it is not compatible with all types of computers. You can look on the support page of SpeedFan to find out if your computer is suitable or not. Or try to use this software if it does not work, you can move on to the next method and see the options in replacing the BIOS. SpeedFan requires a computer fan to have 3-4 pin Headers in the motherboard, not a 4-pin Molex connection. So if there is only Molex connection, skip and go to the third method. And finally, it will not control all the cooling fans in the machine - only the ones supported by the motherboard can control it. If you want to control all the fans, you will need to use the third method.

BIOS installation tips

Điều chỉnh tốc độ quạt tản nhiệt sử dụng SpeedFan

Today, many motherboards have fan controllers attached to BIOS settings. Although not providing as much control as SpeedFan. However, if your computer is not supported by SpeedFan, this is a good backup plan. Open the motherboard BIOS settings and search for fan settings. They will have different names depending on the computer (for example, Asus has Q-Fan Control, Gigabyte is Smart Fan Control) but generally you will see it in the BIOS menu. Enable this feature and tweak any settings as desired. Some machines only allow the setting to remain or free mode, while others allow to set temperature limits like SpeedFan.

It will provide two control methods: voltage and PWM. The voltage mode adjusts the fan voltage while the PWM mode sends the calculated voltage pulses to the fan to slow it down a bit more. For the most part, it depends on how the cooling fan is attached to the motherboard. Fans connected to a 4-pin connector should use PWM, while fans with a 3-pin connector should use pressure. The voltage is less efficient and you can't get as low as PWM but sometimes PWM is quite complicated. If you detect PWM problems, you can also switch to the voltage method.

Buy a separate fan controller

Bộ điều khiển quạt rời

While the above methods are ideal for automatic fan control, they are not always available on every motherboard and usually only control one or two fans in the device. To control all fans, you can install a cheap controller like some Newegg series. It fits your computer's drive location and integrates a mechanical fan control knob. It will not monitor the temperature so you will have to control the fans yourself with RealTemp or Rainmeter in exchange for full control of each fan.

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