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Regularly updating the new version for computer drivers is essential, to speed up and operate stably for the system. Especially for gamers, the graphics card is always a top concern, and updating the driver to the new version will help limit the errors arising in the use process as well as improve the image processing capability.

Currently there are 2 lines of graphics cards that are onboard and discrete cards. With the line of discrete cards, NVIDIA is the company that uses the superior part on both laptops. In the following article, we will show you how to update the driver for NVIDIA graphics card.

Method 1: Update automatically by Update Driver

On Windows 10, there is an Update Driver feature, which automatically checks all devices connected to the computer, including graphics card, sound card, and USB, and then downloads the latest version driver accordingly. However, in order for this process to work properly, to avoid mistakenly downloading the old version, users should conduct the upgrade themselves through the Update Driver feature.


Step 1:

First we press the Windows + X key combination and then select Device Manager.

01 update driver card NVIDIA Device


Step 2:

In the next interface that appears, click on the Display adapter item, then right-click on the NVIDIA video card and select Update Driver.

02 update driver card NVIDIA Device


Step 3:

Switch to the next window interface, users continue to click on Search Automatically for update software drivers. Wait for the system to automatically download and update the new version for NVIDIA video card drivers.

03 update driver card NVIDIA update

Method 2: Download from the manufacturer's website

Besides updating the driver via the Update Driver feature, we can also download it directly from the NVIDIA support site.

Step 1:

First of all, we need to check the information about the graphics card in use on the computer. Enter the System Information keyword in the search bar on Windows.

04 update driver card NVIDIA System


Step 2:

In the System Information window, click Components and then select Display. Looking at the content on the right, the graphics card details such as Name, Adapter, Type, etc. will appear.

05 update driver card NVIDIA display

Step 3:

Next, click on the link below to access NVIDIA's website:



Step 4:

In the main interface, we will see there are 2 options to search for drivers, Option 1 search manually and Options 2 search automatically. Here, we will follow Option 1.

The user will enter the complete information into the request frame including:

- Product Type: Types of display cards, including GeForce, ION, Quadro, NVS, nForce, Tesla and Legacy.

- Product Series: Series of specific graphics cards. Such as GeForce 600 Series, nForce 9 Series, ...
- Product: The specific name of the video card. For example, GeForce GTX 690, Quadro K5000M, ...
- Operating System: The operating system is in use.
- Language: Language.

Then click Search to search.

06 update driver card NVIDIA thong tin


Step 5:

Appearing the latest driver, we click the Download button to download.

07 update driver card NVIDIA download


Step 6:

After downloading is complete, we will proceed to install the program. A guide to the installation directory location for the software appears. You should choose Desktop to find it easily. Click OK to proceed to extract.

08 update driver card NVIDIA folder


Step 7:

The installation interface appears, press Agree and Continue to agree to the installation terms.

09 update driver card NVIDIA agree


Step 8:

Then in the new interface there will be 2 options, install NVIDIA as instructed (Recommeded) and according to usage demand (Custom). Here you should select Custom to be able to remove the setup options without the need to use or not support the device. Click Next to continue.

10 update driver card NVIDIA custom


Step 9:

A custom list appears for users to choose. If your computer does not support 3D viewing, these options can be ignored and then click Next to continue the installation.

11 update driver card NVIDIA options


Step 10:

Finally, you wait for the latest installation process for the graphics card driver on your computer. After installation is complete, click Restart Now to restart the computer.

12 update driver card NVIDIA restart


Method 3: Install the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software

Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience software
NVIDIA GeForce Experience is software that will download and install the latest driver for the graphics card on the computer.

The above is an article on how to update the NVIDIA video card driver, according to the driver update feature that automatically Update Driver on Windows, or search directly from the NVIDIA support website. If you want to search for the latest version for the driver, find it directly and install it on the support website.

I wish you all success!

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